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360 Web Firm – Hosting, Email & General Website Design Support

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WEBSITES: Our websites come with a free 30 day email support. If you require additional support for updates, support and maintenance, we offer maintenance packages to cover the following: Updates to your WordPress, WP Theme, and Plugins, backups, security and general support.

HOSTING: Our hosting support is handled by Go Daddy. They offer you 24/7 support on behalf of 360 Web Firm. Our hosting platform is located at http://shop.360webfirm.comIf we build you a website and provide free hosting for one year. We will set this up on our VPS server and send you the login details for this. 360 Web Firm will then handle your support via phone or email.

We install WordPress for Website design customers when we build their website or when you purchase a hosting account from us and wish to have an install done for WordPress. We can also install a free WP theme to get you started or your Premium WP theme you purchased.
When we build your website from the beginning and when it is finished, we always take an initial backup. If you decide to go on a maintenance plan, then we take backups several times a month to make sure we have the latest updates and content changes. Please note that your website is only good as its latest backup. If you decide to do backups yourself, please always do this on a regular basis.
There is no contracts for website design or hosting. The website when it s finished is YOUR website and files. There is no extra fees associated with building your website. If you wish to go on a maintenance plan on a monthly basis, you may also cancel this at anytime.

Hosting is paid for on monthly or yearly basis and you may cancel at anytime.

This all depends on the package you choose for your website or hosting. Most of our website packages come with Hosting free for one year and also a free domain name for one year. To view our packages and prices, click the links below for further details.

If you have an existing hosting account and wish to transfer over to us, then we can migrate your website over for you. There is NO fee for this as long as your site is not extremely big and difficult to transfer over. We would need more details before we can say YES, but rest assured, most sites are no issue to transfer over for free.
We do sell domain names through this LINK – Our prices are reasonable. When we set up a website for you and this includes a domain name, we will send you the login details for this account if we purchased the domain name on your behalf. If you purchase the domain name or we do on your behalf, we will assist you with your purchase.
We Sell Web Hosting products & Services

360 Web Firm Hosting. This is set up by you and purchased by you and offers lots of abilities and functions. This platform has 24/7 support and has lots of features and plans to choose from. We can also assist you to purchase and set up everything. You also have the option to choose this hosting with your website.

New Websites With Hosting Included. Some of our website design packages come with Hosting included. This is on our own VPS Hosting and we will send you the login details once it is set up and your website is finished.

We have a few options for your emails services. If you are Hosted with us through our 360 Web Firm hosting platform, then you may create emails using your C Panel which is FREE with your hosting services. If you wish to have emails with our Go Daddy platform, then you can also purchase email services through this platform. Most of the time we create your website for you and send you all the Hosting details and set up your email for you and send you the details to connect with everything after we are all done.
Your website or blog can have as many visitors as you wish. However, the more visitors you get, the more busier your website will be and this also increases productivity for service and products sales. This is a very good problem to have and when you get to this point, you can simply think about increasing your hosting resources to work with your demands for your website. Having lots of visitors is a very good thing…
This depends on a lot of things such as content, images, hosting speeds and software and plugins. There are also many more factors to take into consideration. We will install a few plugins that will assist in speeding up your website and making it for user friendly. We can also make suggestions to you that will also help improve speeds.
You may contact us in several ways.

  • Use our contact us form HERE
  • Call us anytime 7 days a week – 866.416.3554
  • Connect with us on Skype – Search for: 360 Web Firm

We are available 7 days a week to better server our customers and all their online needs.

We will take care of everything for you. All you need to do is provide us with your details, images, and directions. Don’t worry, we will also assist you with advice if you require some. Some times people don’t have enough information to add to their new website. We will help you with ways to populate your new website. Click HERE for our website packages…

In order to have a website running on the internet, you need a few things:


Again, we will help you through the complete process and its really easy.

Your website will come with a 30 days of FREE support. This means that we will updates your WordPress platform, your Theme and plugins. We will also perform a few backups and provide email support for your questions. After the 30 days is over, we offer affordable maintenance packages which include the following:

  • Updates to content, images, articles, ETC…
  • Security for your website
  • Updates to WordPress, Theme, and Plugins
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Backups
  • Minor SEO Services
When we agree on your website details and requirements, we will ask you to email us the content you have. If you have lots of content, we can set you up with a simple File Sharing tool which allows you to simply login and drag and drop your content over to a folder and we can retrieve this data from our end. This is faster than placing on a USB drive and much quicker and convenient for you. Your data will be secure and we will always treat you with respect and confidentiality.
Once we build your website, we will provide you with an Hour of training Via Skype share screen option. We will share our screen with you while we speak and we will show you the basics of your websites administration panel. This is also a good time to ask any questions so we can show you at that time to do changes and updates. Most people have a portfolio and blog and we can show you how to add more images to it or articles to your blog.  If you require more training than one hour, we can certainly schedule you in. However, there is a small fee for any additional hour past the original hour which is included in the website package.

We also offer maintenance plans which cover updates and changes to content if your site is very busy and you have no time yourself to do these changes.

We build each site responsive in design which means that they react to any screen size such as a big computer screen, IPad, IPhone and other screen sizes.  We can also take your existing NON Mobile site and turn it into a responsive mobile friendly website.
When we build a website for you, we do all types of extra things.

Below is some things we so as a courtesy for our customers:

  • It depends on the package, but most packages include building your website, domain and hosting.
  • We provide 30 days of FREE email support to answer any questions you may have.
  • We set up your hosting and domain name for you.
  • We can help you set up your email account.
  • We submit your site to Google and Bing. The pages usually get indexed much faster this way.
  • We create a Google webmasters account and Analytic account so you may monitor your sites traffic and stats.
  • We take your website business and add it to our Business Directory for Canada or the United States.
  • We add several plugins that will help speed up your website and optimize your files and database.
  • We add a security plugin and set this up for you to help with Spam and Malware.

360 Web Firm tries our best to provide you with a great experience and we also try our best to provide you with fair and honest service.

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