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let us take your online dream and turn it into a reality.

September 17 – 2016 – Canada Web Design Services operates in this website as 360 Web Firm.

We are a small website design and development business providing customers with quality work at reasonable prices. We are located close to the Ottawa Ontario area and we perform website services all across Canada. We are proudly Canadian owned and operated and never out-source our work to anyone as you work directly with us. We have two locations to better serve our customers and all their needs. We are located in Ottawa Ontario and Cornwall Ontario.

Website Hosting & Domain Name Services

Our packages might come with hosting and a domain name paid for one year. We will set up the account for which your domain name and/or hosting is located and will send you the login details for these accounts.  After one year has passed, then it is the customers responsibility to login to their domain account and renew and/or hosting account. If we host the website on our Host Gator re-seller account, we will send you notification for renewal with us for hosting. If its on our Go Daddy re seller account, you will automatically get notified by that system to renew your domain name and/or hosting.

Updates Or Changes Once The Website Is Done

Once your website is finished and we have completed the service, we will be available for question or concerns. Please note that this is provided as a courtesy and not an obligation. We are in no way responsible for updates, changes, or modification after which the website is built. We have maintenance packages which includes support, updates to your WordPress, theme, and plugins, and for other general changes and modifications to your website. These plans also cover backups of your website files and database. Normally we provide an hour training to our customers which we will show you the basics on your website and how to make simple updates and changes. If you require additional training, we can certainly book you in for this.

WordPress Updates, Theme, & Plugins For Upgrades & Security Reasons

We strongly recommend making sure your WordPress platform is updated, along with your WP Theme and WP Plugins for security reasons and for improvements. This is not our responsibility to do these unless your have a maintenance package which otherwise states this. Its always a good practice to take backups before you do any updates to your system and software. PLEASE make sure you always take a backup of your website and database before performing any updates. We are NOT responsible for fixing your website unless you have a maintenance plan in place. If you have a maintenance plan in place, we will restore your site to the last known good backup.

Advertising Your New Website

We might take your new website and add it to our Canadian Business Directory to help promote and advertise your new or updated website. If you do not wish to include your website into our directory, please advise and we will not do this. We also have lots of articles on advertising and promoting your website. Please visit our web blog here.

Search Engine Optimization & Ranking For Your Website

Having a NEW or UPDATED website is nice and looks great, specially if you are using a mobile friendly site for the first time. However, getting found in the search engines with it afterwards might be a challenge. Please note that we will do our best to make sure your site is optimized for the search engines. HOWEVER, this is something we cannot guarantee and please note that it takes time to get a good ranking in Google, Bing, and other search engines. We will never say that we can guarantee this or that you will be on the 1st page or anything related to this statement about search engine ranking. When we build your website or upgrade your existing website, we are not responsible for the search results or standing for certain keywords in the search engines. We will do our best to the ability of our knowledge.

Google changes its algorithm so often that even SEP specialized companies are finding it a challenge to keep up with the new changes and requirements. In my opinion, having a clean & informative website is the first initial start. You will also need to put time into marketing and advertising your new or upgraded website. This is NOT a ” built the website and be on 1st page of Google “ service. We will always do our best to help you succeed!

In Conclusion

We try our best to make our customers happy and we are completely honest with them.  We are available 7 days a week and we go above and beyond for our customers. Let us take your online dream and turn it into a reality. Call us today! 866-416-3554

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